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Moving Tips | How to Save on Moving Expenses

Saying good bye to your close friends and moving to an entirely new place where everybody is a stranger is something all of us dread. A home is a place where everything looks familiar; changing homes means parting with things you know and leaping into the grand unknown. There are certain steps you can take prior to your move to prepare better for the big day and elevate some of the unnecessary stress.

Pick the right time to move

Most moving companies are extremely busy in the summer months since many families prefer to move when kids are done with school. And of course moving on a weekend is more stressful than during the week, because that's when working people prefer to relocate and movers often cover more than one job in a day. Another spike in the moving activity occurs at the end/beginning of each month: renters opt to move out before the next month's rent is due. If you are flexible with your dates, choosing the off-peak days for your move will help you get more favorable rates and less stressed-out movers.

Declutter before the move

If you want to lower your moving costs, you need to sort through your things and see if there are items you can get rid of. You will be surprised how many things don't belong in your new home - old, broken, never-used pieces that have been collecting dust and taking up extra space need to go! You can hold a garage sale, give some items to friends or a charity or sell them through eBay. The sale will yield you some extra cash and the size of your moving job will get drastically smaller

Do your own packing

Another effective way to lower your moving expenses and save time on the day of the move. Do as much of your own packing as you possibly can a few days prior to your move. You should leave it to the professionals to handle big furniture, bulky items and electronics, but pack your own boxes. If you need a lot of packing supplies, make sure to shop around and find some low-cost deals online. If your move is not happening for a few more weeks, start collecting boxes - check with your local grocery stores or friends who have recently moved for some freebies. 

Label your inventory

The more organized you are during the packing process, the easier it is going to be to unpack and find things at your destination. Label each box and use color-coded stickers to denote which room it will be going to. Mark boxes with glassware and other breakable items as "fragile". Sign what content each box has on two opposite sides (in case the box is turned upside down). Pack a separate box of necessities such as medications, toiletries, change of clothes and transport it with you in your car.

Create a checklist of things to remember before the move

It's amazing how much people forget to do under the pressure of the upcoming move. Among a few key things to remember are cleaning out your fridge, returning library books, arranging for utilities to be disconnected, canceling your gym membership, extracting gas and oil from equipment like lawnmower, giving back borrowed items and arranging for childcare on the day of the move. 

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